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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shaka Chan

When I think about jewelry brands that truly suit my aesthetic, Noir Jewelry always comes to mind. Whether it was the bedazzled faux-gauge earrings or glittering shark rings, they consistently kill it with their irreverent designs. Currently, I'm obsessing over their Shaka series of bracelets, seen above (click to view more). As someone who went to camp every summer as a kid and worked as a camp counselor for a few years, I have some fond memories of plastic lace and lanyards. Also, it is hard not to love something that reminds of this little nugget of gold below:

As much as I love these bracelets, they are a little steep for my current grad school budget considering I would want more than one. Plus, I love the idea of making once for myself, since I have not had a good excuse to lanyard since I quit doing day camp a few years ago. I'm smelling a future d.i.y., keep your eyes peeled!

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