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Monday, August 22, 2011

White Walls

Two months ago I moved into my first solo apartment. Previously, I had been living in a house with six other girls, so decorating the house required few purchase since the lot of us pulled together our collected resources. Not to brag, but we had a really cute house for a bunch of undergraduates. Anyway, now that I am decorating on my own I'm suffering from the misfortune of blank walls. I love the stuff I already have, but these items were only decorating one small room and now I have a fairly large apartment to decorate. I think I'm going to start curating pieces a little bit at a time, since I don't want to break the bank doing it all at once. Here are some of the posters and prints that I've really been loving.

1. Hark! poster from Old Try : As an alum of Carolina, I think this poster is a great way to show some school pride without the usual, obnoxious NCAA licensed posters that are, quite frankly, to ugly and juvenile to have in any apartment that wants to appear remotely adult. This poster is a little pricey, but its handmade and totally worth the cost.


2. The Warrior's poster from Amazon: The Warriors is one of those cult films that lives up to its hype. In addition to being pure badassery, the movie looks amazing. Especially the outfits of all the gangs in the movie. I seriously might have to do a future post about fashion inspired by the film because is so much there to take inspiration from. Anyway, I also like this poster because its in Spanish and its smaller so its not as overwhelming as your usual movie poster.


3. Ann-Margret poster from All-Posters: This poster combines two things that I love. 1) A amazingly gorgeous and talented woman 2) 1960's sex kitten style. Also, the colors are just perfect. I need something to hang over my bed and I think this is pretty much perfect.


4. Cavallini Skeleton wrapping paper from Touch of Europe:
Yes, this is a piece of wrapping. While $5 is a bit much to wrap a singular present, it is cheap price to decorate your walls. At the moment I have three Cavallini wrapping papers in my apartment. A garden (vegetables and fruits) one in my kitchen, their amazing phrenology poster in my dining area, and a vintage map of Paris above my dresser. I think this would make an amazing addition to my collection. You'll soon learn from my blog and future jewelry projects that I am obsessed with skulls/skeletons.
I'll update everyone if any of these actually make onto my walls

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